Monday, October 10, 2011

Its the Final Countdown...

You have that song playing in your head now don't you?

11 days, 19 hours, 8 minutes and 27 seconds
*(give or take a few days, hours, minutes and seconds
depending on when you are reading this)*

All of the big decisions have been made 
and now we are down to the wire with lots of,
"Don't forget to pack ______", 
"Remind me not to forget the  ______."

In typical Clewell fashion a list has been made 
and slowly tasks are getting crossed off.

1. Make appt for Rebel haircut and boarding.
2. Buy Roberts pants. (Tuesday)
3. Pick up dressed. (Wednesday)
4. Buy alcohol.
5. Get oil changed.
6. Fill gas tank.
7. Get car washed.
8. Get rings sized and dipped/polished.
9. Clean the house.
10. Grocery store for toiletries.
11. Send Jason's package.
12. Finish up gifts for guests.
13. Buy small pumpkins.
14. Pack small table, barrels, and cake stand.
15. PACK.

We have been extremely organized with most of the wedding decorations and necessities.  
We purchased three large plastic bins at the beginning
of the planning process and have been adding to them slowly as not
to forget anything important.


I have finished my flower girl basket and snapped a few pictures to post.
My flower girl is my niece Sienna and I can not wait hand her this basket. 
I have a feeling she will be dancing her way down the isle, stealing the show.
  She is almost 1.5 and loves to dance like its nobodies business. 
I cant wait to see her again.

I recently took my wedding set in to be sized and polished, now I'm afraid to wear it. 
It looks so perfect, like its brand new and wearing my engagement ring to work makes the
white gold fade so fast on the underside of the ring and the alcohol based hand sanitizer
doesn't help much either.  So to keep that spot on my finger warm I got a fake diamond ring....
and now a green finger.

1 comment:

Laura Rivera said...

Ahhh the basket is so cute and I know it will be fitting for your niece! ( as for the rings you make me want to get mine cleaned hahaha).