Saturday, August 20, 2011

Hair Raising Issue

I expected wedding planning to be fun yet challenging at time, with all the important decisions that need to be made, picking out a dress, a venue, flowers, what color shoes do I wear, how about the jewelry?  All of these decisions have come so easy for Robert and I because we have such similar ideas for what we would like for our wedding, I guess we have been extremely lucky up to this point. 

Then came my hair...
Will it grow fast enough to be able to do anything with it?
Should I wear it up?
Should I wear it down?
Half up and half down?
Veil or no veil?

This has been the hardest part of the entire wedding planning process.

So here my friends are my ideas...
 *Bailey keep these pictures in mind when I make my hair appointment

I really love the look of the side braid so for now I am pretty set on this hair style.

One dilema what kind of hair piece do I wear?

I love a short veil and I love the birdcage veil, but not on me...

I went to all the bridal shops in Orlando yesterday searching for an answer and
I think when I was done I was even more confused then when I started.

$400-$500 dollars for a hair piece...
thats almost more than my wedding dress!  I'm in the wrong career field, 
I need to open a bridal store! 

So after a headache from shopping and a short nap, I started looking through my favorite wedding and I found this.


Its handmade (which I love), its beautiful, it fits our fall theme, and its not $400!

What do you think?

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Erica said...

Love it! Perfect! Can't wait to see your hair!