Saturday, August 20, 2011

Hair Raising Issue

I expected wedding planning to be fun yet challenging at time, with all the important decisions that need to be made, picking out a dress, a venue, flowers, what color shoes do I wear, how about the jewelry?  All of these decisions have come so easy for Robert and I because we have such similar ideas for what we would like for our wedding, I guess we have been extremely lucky up to this point. 

Then came my hair...
Will it grow fast enough to be able to do anything with it?
Should I wear it up?
Should I wear it down?
Half up and half down?
Veil or no veil?

This has been the hardest part of the entire wedding planning process.

So here my friends are my ideas...
 *Bailey keep these pictures in mind when I make my hair appointment

I really love the look of the side braid so for now I am pretty set on this hair style.

One dilema what kind of hair piece do I wear?

I love a short veil and I love the birdcage veil, but not on me...

I went to all the bridal shops in Orlando yesterday searching for an answer and
I think when I was done I was even more confused then when I started.

$400-$500 dollars for a hair piece...
thats almost more than my wedding dress!  I'm in the wrong career field, 
I need to open a bridal store! 

So after a headache from shopping and a short nap, I started looking through my favorite wedding and I found this.


Its handmade (which I love), its beautiful, it fits our fall theme, and its not $400!

What do you think?

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Wedding Planning

As far as the wedding planning goes...its done. The vendors are paid, (YAY) and we have only a few little things to pick up here and there as more fall decor starts arriving on the shelves. 

I have mentioned in previous posts that our theme is "fall in love" and we are planning to decorate with fall colors, fall leaves, pumpkins, pine cones...and pretty much anything fall related. 

Something along these line...

Our main color are orange and brown. 
The bouquets are made from burnt orange calla beautiful!

 My niece is going to be the flower leaf girl with her pumpkin basket and fall 
colored leaves to drop down the isle.

I love the look of these carved pumpkins, aren't they so cool?  Of course I am no pumpkin carver neither is Robert.  My Aunt is a painter though so she is going to recreate these ideas by painting on the pumkins instead.  Im excited to see how they turn out...

 Here are what our invitations look like, I love the letters inside the heart carved in the tree.  
We got our wedding cake stand to play on that theme.Its a 6 inch deep cut of wood similar to this picture except with our initials engraved inside of a heart.

Now the wedding cake.  We are getting our wedding cake made by an amazing baker in Maryville, Tn named Dena Kyle.  She owns Party Perfections, and after one taste test we were sold.  Her cakes are amazing and taste so good.  We went with a banana nut bread cake and after one bite we were sold on the flavor, plus this means its okay to eat cake for breakfast, you know me...I love sweets for breakfast (or anytime of the day for that matter).

This was the starting point for our cake design.  A few changes will be made...
- We want the cake to be white with a butter cream frosting instead of fondant
- Along with the beautiful leaves we are adding pumpkins
- The ribbons on the tiers will be orange
- Three tiers should be plenty

It should look really nice on top of the wood cake stand,
We are very excited to see how it turns out.

The adventure of wedding planning has been a very enjoyable experience. 
Robert and I have a lot of the same ideas for what we would like for our wedding and we have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.