Friday, December 2, 2011

Wedding Photos are Here!

Robert and I found an amazing photographer in Gatlinburg for our wedding.  
We were very lucky because we found Genelda online,
met her once before the wedding and she turned out to be a perfect 
match for what we were looking for.  Genelda owns Contrast Photo and she is very talented,
professional and as sweet as they come.  We highly recommend her if you are ever in the 
Gatlinburg, Tn area.

 Flower Girl head piece made by Rayne Bow Designs

Sunday, October 30, 2011


After hearing so many great things from family about Cataloochee 
and seeing the Elk we decided to make the 2 hour trip.

Directions as they read on the Nationa Park Service website...
Directions: The entrance road to Cataloochee Valley is a winding, gravel road that has some steep drop offs with no guard rails. The road is narrow, so drivers may be required to stop or back up their vehicles to allow oncoming motorists to pass. Horse trailer traffic may be encountered on the road. Please use caution when driving on this road.

Mountain driving is scarey...but so worth it...

There were about 15 elk in the field when we arrived....
 Minding their own business...
 Robert and I counted this as a 14 pointer, his rack was HUGE!
and then he let out a loud bugle...
 because of this idiot
and then they took off into the woods.
 We didn't originally plain to hike here but decided a little walk through the woods couldn't hurt
 The Smokies never disappoint

The Palmer Chapel

Since we were already in North Carolina we thought a stop at Roberts Alma Mater would be fun.
 Its a beautiful campus but also very packed since
school was in session so we hit up the
bookstore for some apparel.

 My wonderful husband knew how much I wanted to go over Newfound Gap 
on the way back to Gatlinburg and we had some time to spare, 
but as soon as we headed up the mountain the rain and fog set in.

This area was covered in snow the day we arrived in Gatlinburg and was again the day we left, too bad we missed it.