Sunday, July 17, 2011

February 5th

 February 5th is a very memorable day for Robert and myself.  This is the date of two very big occurrences in our relationship.  The first being our first "big date", we had been planning this date for a month and had huge expectations for this day.  We hadn't seen each other all day as we both prepared, and the butterflies grew and grew in both of our stomachs as the 6:30 meet up time grew near.  Robert had made reservations for us at The Melting Pot and had a few other surprises up his sleeve unknown to me.

As I was prettying up I could not decide what necklace to wear and as I was looking through my jewelry box I heard a knock at the door, it was Robert and he had a little black bag in his hand.  "Whats that?" I asked. "Just a little something." Robert replies with a smile on his face.  As I open the bag and the little black box inside, I see the most beautiful necklace I had ever seen.  I little silver butterfly.  I know it may not seem like much, but to me it meant everything.  My mother loved, loved, loved butterflies.  She had a butterfly garden, we visited Butterfly World on a regular basis and every time I see a butterfly I think of her.  The presence of a butterfly means my mother is with me and watching over me.  Robert never met my mother but he knew how important her presence is in our relationship and the rest of our lives together.  Of course, I then cried like a little baby and was totally amazed by how thoughtful and romantic Robert was.

Exactly one year later Robert and I were talking about what we should do to celebrate our first date.
We decide to visit a little town near Orlando called Celebration.  We had been to Celebration once before when we were getting to know each other early in our relationship.  We looked through the little shops in the downtown area, stopped in a little ice cream shop and got a little treat, then took a walk around the lake on a nature trail.  There is a little alcove for birdwatching on the trail and this is where we had our first kiss, so naturally we thought this would be a the ideal place to commemorate our first date.  Of course unannounced to me Robert had a few ideas himself. 

As we walked along the nature trail and we passed that little alcove I turned to Robert and said "Remember we had our first kiss right there?"  "Of course I do beautiful." he said (he always calls me Beautiful, hence the name "Beautiful Love") " We cant just walk by without stepping in there", he said as he grabbed my hand and pulled me in to the alcove.  As he waited for other walkers on the trail to pass, I started to get a little suspicious.  Before I had much time to think about it, he dropped down to one knee and asked me those words I was hoping to hear, "Will you marry me" and holding the most beautiful ring.

That's how it all started, oh and of course I said YES!


Erica said...

So sweet Gina! I am very happy for you! I will follow your blog. Will you follow mine?

Love, Erica

Robert and Regina said...

I already do. I love the pictures of your little man. So adorable, can't wait til it's my turn for a little one.